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Tutorial Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats/Hacks Android/iPhone!

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Link for HaXplorer app
Here is the gem hack!:
Here is it! The video you have been waiting for!
Just follow the direction and subscribe! and please like and favorite? ^^

requirements: a smartphone, a hacking tool, choose one(gamecih,Haxexplorer,gameguardian, gamekiller)

and do the steps! really easy LOL


  1. can u please show the tutorial for the setup on haxplorer plsssss

  2. how do I change the bytes to 4 its on 2 an cant change it

  3. im surprised but it actually worked with newest version, my approval

  4. R u stupid ? How can u do it with iphone ?

  5. well, you have to be a member o-o to have access to all the links

  6. you use gamegaurdian. please visit my forum

  7. @jttjitw true that dude and dude! i think you would enjoy this game have a look >> bit.ly/1bjIw6w?=ufyov

  8. Does this work for all touch screen androids?

  9. You can only get this to work if u got rooted phone for android

  10. Gotta be some fucken 13 year old Asian kid


  12. this haxplorer shit doesn't work, and your explanation is the worst ever, you gotta watch the video 5 times to even get wtf you're doing.

  13. Will this work on Samsung Galaxy 2? My friend wants to know…

  14. when i open it it says parsing error what should i do ??

  15. It's kinda like using cheat engine but the thin that's making me confused is how do you root it? I'm using 10.1 Samsung if I'm not mistaken

  16. Every time I open up HaXplorer it shuts down but the app still stays open, anyone have any ideas?

  17. I was only able to download haXplorer online and it took me some time, but thanks for this tutorial! 🙂

  18. How do you get haXployer please reply

  19. I downloaded haxplorer but I have no idea how to use it. Your video doesn't explain how either. I had to go elsewhere to download it. All your video tells you how to do is enter free coins. I don't know how to access the game app with haxplorer. Please tell me how to use it. Thanks.

  20. what free coins? I have no free coins idiot

  21. you dont need to set up haxexplorer. open then close o-o

  22. when you download haxplorer on a kindle fire how do you get to it?

  23. พิพัก เกดนุกูล says:

    How to Set buttom

  24. Can you make a Save Game For Guys With No Root Etc In A New Vid THX!

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