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Today I rate all the sharks from hungry shark evolution that come after the great white. Hope you all enjoyed!


  1. I think moby and nessie is in best in sea rank

  2. How good they are and the missions as how good they are and as a species as good they are as a species and missions and as good they are

  3. For some reason I think alan is better than leo and nessie

  4. Ok dude listen I don’t mean to be rude but how could you do that to moby but I like your opinion for the Meg

  5. How about u turn that thumbnail upside down

  6. To me the best shark in the sea is Mr. snappy

  7. Kraken is actually the: grinder cuz I grinder for 30 mins AKA half hours and I got 80k 🙂

  8. 4:18

    probably cuz he's like the alien and maybe back then they thought he was gonna be ultimate and strongest

  9. Bruh just list them in the order you get them

  10. Cool, tho I would put Megalodon in average, he doesn't eat the big bombs and the Big Daddy actually can

  11. Well how to do that mission with Nessie you actually have to booze and there’s gonna be some kind of booster jumper thing is it right next to where the hammerhead sharks Spons and then when you use that booster then you click the button to teleport there

  12. Can you do the evolved versions of the other sharks?? Like Darkhammer, Lord Snappy and Magmajira??

  13. The evolved hammerhead is op don’t sleep on it it gets gold rush like nothing

  14. Leo – has an innate "mini" shark vortex when it boosts, works well with shark vortex equip. Average speed and boost
    Nessie – great for farming points and gold thanks to its portal skill when used in gold rush. Average speed and boost, swiggly neck makes it hard to eat enemy sharks that comes very close to it, as well as airborne enemies
    Moby – Fully maximizes the effect of shark vortex combined with gold rush (able to rack up to 3-4 million points in one vortex+gold rush). Small mouth hit box place in a bad location, demanding you to position above the food to eat it. If playing casually, the pressure spray released in the blowhole is useless
    Alan – Higher diet compared to its predecessors, good speed, boost and turning. Small mouth hit box, if playing casually, its "tail whip" is useless
    Mr. Snappy – Basically, an upgraded Big Daddy, thats it. For strange reasons, it has a very slow growth rate.
    Big Daddy – Basically, an upgraded Megalodon, thats it.

  15. As i played moby dick hes an avarage shark because cannot kill alot of amount of people and other things

  16. I just got Kraken, and it handles very smooth, and has a special power each gold rush

  17. What is everyones favorite shark, and why?, mine is kraken, because he can eat behemoth with tentacle drill

  18. Update : new behemoth has been released and its best in the game

  19. Moby dick is kind of bad, but when maxed he becomes a eating machine

  20. Behemoth: Hold my broken ability
    Everything else in sea: Aww shit… here we go again…

  21. I'm going to unlike this video and unsub because you pickt sharkjira to a tire

  22. I can say this the evolve of the Godzilla shark get me to 450 million points in 17 min and off course I got the gold gears too like crown gold medal and stuffs like that. But it’s so good I got like 350 coins every game that’s a big money maker for sure

  23. Yea when you play as moby it’s hard to eat things

  24. Agree… Kraken was one of the best sharks in the game! Every shark has been outclassed by Kraken’s abilities!

  25. Best Shark in Hungry shark Evo
    1. Reef shark – Not even close
    2.Tiger shark – Yes , I mean no
    3. Megalodon – NEVER
    4. Moby Dick – Maybe?
    5. Sharkjira – Close
    6. Kraken – Very Close
    7 . Behemoth – FAX 🐟

    Incoming call : Magmajira
    8.Magmajira – FAX 🔥🔥🔥 🦘🦘🦘

  26. Fun fact : Only if Kraken had better health , It would be BEST!!!!

  27. Abyss shark is like a sea Demogorgon

  28. Jesus said, "I Am The Way , The Truth, And The Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."✝️Turn to Jesus If you want to.

  29. As someone who has every shark and now just getting skins, I'd put the kraken at the top, right before the new lightning god shark thing, and lord snappy after that, if you have those krampus horns and the basket, you move so fast that when you jump it might as well be flying
    In my opinion Alan is just a disappointment, as well as his evolution

  30. Yes Moby Dick is THE WORST, i can't wait to get Leo AND USE MOBY DICK NEVER AGAIN

  31. Reef shark should be best shark in the sea cause its your starter shark to play

  32. My personal list

    Megalodon – average. Most sharks are stronger than him and he can’t even eat big bombs

    Big daddy – average . Just the megalodon but wider mouth, faster, and a tongue that can eat prey with longer range. Just a Buffed megalodon.

    Mr snappy – super fast and can finally eats big bombs. But he’s kinda small though. B tier.

    Alan – even faster than mr snappy. Basically just mr snappy but buffed. B tier.

    Moby dick – trash. Basically all you said I have the same point with. He is terrible. Which is sad because he has a lot of potential. The moby dick being playable is a great idea!

    Leo. The only shark I don’t have but I used to have him.

    Nessie – best in sea. Her gold rush ability is OP and you can get super rich quickly with her. She’s very fun to play as and her gold rush ability Carries.

    Sharkjira – A tier. If we’re talking about magmajira though, best in sea. I got over a billion points with magmajira. But sharkjira is kinda glitchy so I just use magmajira.

    Kraken. Best in sea. The tentacle drill ability is amazing! You can kill any creature stronger than you just by dashing. The whips of chaos is fun to use. And the krakens fast and fun to use.

    Abbyshark- A tier. I like it. It’s good rush ability is good, it’s void mouth is good, and it’s fast and fun to use.

    Lumite – A tier. The longest shark in the game. It’s heartbeat ability is kinda mid but I really like it’s lazer gold rush ability.

    Behemoth – best in sea. Behemoth is made to be a very powerful beast that can destroy anything. It has 2 ultimate abilities instead of 1. One in sea and one on land. The land one is better and he summons meteors. It’s great! I wish he had more stamina but he is very good though.

    Sharknarok – best in sea. Sharknarok probably has the best ultimate ability in the game. He destroys everything around him with a lightning strike and it’s OP in gold rushes. Easily one of the best sharks in the game.

  33. Kraken is one of the best, moby dick is the less fun shark and reef is the worst

  34. Mr snappy is trash in my opinion he to tiny he cant eat many things in one go

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