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Another Fintastic Update From Hungry Shark Evolution 3 New Evolve Sharks.
Shar Khan, Aaron, Abyssaurus Unlocked & Shar Khan, Aaron, Abyssaurus Gameplay.

My thought about Shar Khan seems has very small eating range, very difficult for food to enter his mouth. Very slow Gold Rush took 6 minute for 1 Gold Rush.

Hungry Shark Evolution on Android.

Chapters :
00:00 Opening
00:10 All Sharks Unlocked
02:52 Shar Khan Gameplay
10:26 Aaron Gameplay
15:42 Abyssaurus Gameplay

Music : In-Game Music

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  1. Gonna start saving up gems since I spent it on Abyssorous, gotta have those 150 gems for that special deal for the next three sharks

  2. Lol abyss "shark" wad already stronger than sharkzira but bow this dude if destroying even magmazira😂

  3. Im pretty sure every shark will get a stronger version of themselves. I will be surprised if they also do it with the special sharks

  4. wow, 1,000 gems? nice to see some gameplay, that’s a buy only shark-unless there’s a really easy way to earn gems

  5. Little tip for those who don't want to pay real money to buy sharks : go to parameters and change the device's date as long as you can and watch adds to *2 the rewards (my limit allows me to claim 2 weeks of rewards ==> 120 gems)

  6. I had sharks like that in the same game but now my account is gone 🙁

  7. What does the special power do? I'm confused about what it does.

  8. La evolución del tiburon tigre no ace asi nada

  9. İ ve got abbysshqrk but i cant evolve

  10. i started playing this game when the last shark was megalodon

  11. Dam I remember playing this game when the grate white was the strongest

  12. Can anyone give me a tip on how to stop the health from going down for no reason at all or does anyone know why it happens?

  13. I Have Unliminited Money And Diamonds

  14. The abyshark have the mauth of the demon of strenger things

  15. 2041: The best shark in Hungry shark evolution is The Small Reef shark
    Me: bu..bu…but how is this possible i need to evolve him quickly

  16. so how many years did it take for hungry shark 'evolution' to actually have evolution.

  17. I got my shark khan but it seems the hitbox on its mouth is small so it doesn't latch on too much.

  18. Sharkhan is noob I don't like his ability

  19. My strongest shark is Hammerhead Shark tho . 🙁

  20. Hungry shark evolution was never a evolution it was just sharks it’s kinda hard to explain but finally shark can evolve now

    Instead of shark being normal shark

    Hopefully no one gets offend




  21. I never knew the tiger shark and I upgrade I thought that was the shark Jeeru

  22. aww i am only on the mako shark i need a bigger shark plz give me some tips to get a bigger shark thank you

  23. I finally got wereshark 😍

  24. I know you get this all money from happy mod

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