IShowSpeed Plays Hungry Shark (FULL VIDEO) -

IShowSpeed Plays Hungry Shark (FULL VIDEO)

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  1. Bro he spent like 130 $ on a game he will probably never play again 😆

  2. What do you mean why is the shark so big it’s a megaladon biggest shark in history

  3. Buy shin sharkjira or mecha sharkjira also space is in hungry shark evolution not world

  4. Marvelous Live Game Play Speed ! "Playing Hungry Shark" Big Thumbs Up👍 # 50 Plus ! Enjoy your Friday and Weekend, Cheers "Tom and Friends Funny Clips" Channel in L.A. U.S.A. 😺 [Content Creator Gaming Virtual Pets Animation Comedy Clips ]

  5. I used to play this game alot when i was little nostalgia ❤️

  6. Hahaha he's high score Is 2,000,000 my high score is 1,000,000,000

  7. I remember when This game first came out

  8. I love the reactions when he realised he can fly

  9. 8:51
    megalodon: im not eating it its a jellyfish not an octupus you dumbo
    Speed: EAT IT!!!!!
    megalodon: no im not

  10. That’s old game am playing the new game of that

  11. No speed play hungry shark evolution this one is trash

  12. Him gets 1,637 coins in one game
    Me Ima about this man's whole career
    Gets 20,000-35,000 coins with bull shark in one game💀

  13. bro the pain of him buying stuff from hungry shark when there so many hacked versions of it to get it for free

  14. I can’t believe he makes this for kids🤬

  15. He said why is this shark so big its the megladon watch the movie

  16. Back then I would grind the hell out of this game just to get Megalodon but now I know how to just apk hack the game lol

  17. To get a bigger shark you got to pay for it

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