Insane MEGA Rush | Hungry Shark Evolution -

Insane MEGA Rush | Hungry Shark Evolution

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Hello Everoyne Today I played Hungry Shurk Evolution.Now,you are going to watch mega rush record in hungry shark.It is the best shark in hungry shark.


  1. well nice but i got around 7k-10k coins 🙂

  2. My record is 30K in mega rush (without powerups)

  3. makes a mass extinction in the ocean 💀

  4. Cara tô comendo tudo mano tá com o teu filhote da baleia que precisa de um tubarão 🦈 um tubarão que precisa ele L x x x

  5. That is not a world record and you are using happy mod

  6. I just got mecha sharkgira and max all states and levles now ima get sharkjira

  7. 😮🤑😎💯💯💯💯⭐🌟💪🦵💪🦵👌👌👌👌⛰️🏔️🏖️🏝️🏞️🏜️🌋🔥🌫️🌅🌄🌈🌊🌀🌪️⚡☔🌟🌎🌍🌌🌠☄️🌙💫✨🌏🪐🐉🦖🦕🐢🐊🐍🦎🐲🦏🐘🦈🦂⛵⛴️🚤🛥️🛳️🚢🎢🎡🎠🎪🗼🗽🗿🗻🏛️💒⛪🛕🕋🕌🕍⛩️⛲💈🏩🏦🏨🏯🏨🏰🏤🏗️🕌🏬🏬🏬🏟️🏟️🗽🎠🎪🏪🌉🌃🌇🌆🏙️⛱️🏕️⛺🏘️🗺️🗾🗾🎆🎇🧳🌐🗺️📦🚯🚳🚳🔕🔕📵🚱❓❗⏫🔼⏮️⏪⏏️◀️⏭️☢️☣️⚠️🚸⚜️7️⃣🌐🏧♾️🕎▪️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  8. Yeah in mega I get like 27k-36k on average this is pocket change

  9. Bruh I use meg and get 50k each round at least

  10. I usually get 15000 coins with mega gold rush
    i only one time get 48690 coins with
    meltdown shark you need to get one apex shark


  11. ( /) this for you
    ( • • )
    / >😂
    Me has 51k

  12. Bro I hot 15000 coins on mega rush before

  13. I found a glitch that allow me to get 200 K in one mega rush. I can’t remember how to do it though, and I think it got patched

  14. "I got 100million coin from 1 gold rush😱😱😱"every commment here

  15. Best I’ve done in mega gold rush is like 50k I minimum get like 30

  16. Mnie is 59k with power up 124k not alot of coins anyway

  17. You make me laugh in one mega gold rush i get 13000 and something

  18. I barely reached 10,000 coins in one game💀

  19. Oh yea? AINT better than my high score I had a insane record I was using alpha zombie shark and it was insane I can’t remember how much I got on mega rush but it was a lot more than this persons high score

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