Infinite pearl glitch easy No hacks -

Infinite pearl glitch easy No hacks

T-rex gaming
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A easy glitch to get pearls in hungry shark world.
I’m also referred as the gaming t-rex so feel free to call me that too.


  1. I dont get it. Can you explain what did you do to not drain health

  2. Help me reach 10K subs before 1 year says:

    Omg tysm its so real

  3. I haven’t been able to get inverted controls maybe the removed it/patched it.

  4. this glitch is real i came across it accidentally and i was so confused but i don't need to do the glitch cuz i have the meltdown shark so i can just win ez

  5. Hello guys and also T H A T is a hack he used

  6. it only says you won 50? also how do u not die lol

  7. I never got inverted controls did they patch it?

  8. Wait, inverted controls got removed??? YES NOW I CAN WIN EZ IN EXTINCTION MODE WITH MR SNAPPY LETSGOOOOOO

  9. it's hasn't been patched because I did it now and I did it 7 months later

  10. Yo its real and by the way i have the dark magic shark and the baldr skin but i have not yet buy the other stuff si thanks

  11. I think it's not working anymore because I tried like 5 times

  12. What is it inf life? How to do can u explain???

  13. What exactly are you doing in the video? I’m confused

  14. if this still works how do you prevent the sharck from not dieing form starvaion

  15. Ppl still need this glitch so they can unlock all sharks and finish quest easily to get mecha sharkjira

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