Hungry Shark World in Real Life Part 5 -

Hungry Shark World in Real Life Part 5

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Hungry Shark World in Real Life Part 5


  1. Thats not a whale shark its a humpback whale

  2. Damian Azama perdone a Samuel TY Gameple🌌 says:


  3. Blacktip reef shark real life is………… a whitetip reef!
    Sand tiger shark in real life is…………a dusky smooth hound!
    A smooth hammerhead in real life is…………..a scalloped hammerhead!
    Whale shark in real life is………..a humpback whale!
    A megolodon in real life is………….a great white shark!
    1:29 that’s not a bull shark that’s a great white

  4. Whale shark more like big Whale who can boost jumb out of the water 🙂

  5. Hungry shark characters Be like: This is The Best Movie ever with Me In It.

    I can see their Happy Face


  6. Aww fact: the blue shark kiss the man

  7. Me when i finally saw my childhood game hungry after searching for 5 years: finally i can play my childhood game

  8. 1,342,177,279 골드와 보석 진주 어떻게 받았나요?

  9. Threshers look like they’ve seen some stuff

  10. For the first one, (Blacktip reef shark) you showed the wrong shark. You showed the white tip reef shark. And for the second one, (Porbeagle shark) you showed the shortfin Mako shark. And for the fourth one, (Sand tiger shark) you showed the reef shark. And for the seventh one, (Bull shark) you showed two videos. One is the bull shark, but the other one is the Great White. And for the Whale shark, you showed a Humpback whale. Fun fact! Orcas or killer whales are not a type of shark. And sharks biggest predator are humans.

  11. the porbegal clío was a mako shark the the blacktip clip was of a whitetip

  12. Czemu zamiast rekina wielorybiego wstawili wieloryba?

  13. I’m surprised how basking sharks just eat Shrimps with those big jaws

  14. He put a right whale for the whale shark I'm done🤣🤣

  15. If the people don't know that megalodon is real it's real yes but it's extinct now

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