Hungry Shark World - How To Get A LOT of Gold Coins CRAZY FAST -

Hungry Shark World – How To Get A LOT of Gold Coins CRAZY FAST

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  1. Same looking dash lashe dashe bashe I am a saving every I am a savige

  2. I already have XL sharks but low money

  3. Bay area fast shark do circles around the map bank around 100k per 10 mins with boosts on none of these areas are going to bank you up fast I get about 30 gems per game doing this.

  4. the more u level up u notice it’s that u end up leveling ur shark up faster then getting the coins for the next shark😭

  5. In the arabian sea you should go to where the megaladon is especially with the caveman outfit in a gold rush

  6. Knowing i have to get 100k gold just for the basking shark this video makes me not worry

  7. I recommend getting the tropical suit set with the pineapple thingy and the other things it give 10% gold and do the 25% gold powerup

  8. There is 2 good places at the bay for gold as well I got 100k just got to. The deepest part of the places you just start in you will find a tunnel that leads you to 2 places it gives you about 7k or 6k depending on the amount of mines and fish there are

  9. How to get 10000000000000000 coins and 10000000000000000 gems

  10. Lol i actually have megalodon but i almost beat your high score

  11. 2 days ago I got the Meltdown Shark and it's level 30 and every game I get 10,000-20,000 coins but it doesn't rlly help.

  12. Im so sad because my coin. I works so hard were gone for no reason hungry evulotion

  13. When i play in mega rush i get 13,000 COINS!!

  14. I have a question do hungry shark allow girls play their game? Cause iam a girl and i really love the game

  15. Hey how to get a count in hangry shark world

  16. Hey do you know beckbrojack his my bro I'm a kide

  17. Are you using
    Nintendo switch?

  18. trick for using gold rush/mega gold rush: use dark magic shark, it's really efficient and gives like 100s of thousands of gold every game.

  19. How to get megalodon fast without using gems?

  20. tysm i had the megalodon so easily👍👍👍

  21. RIP I deleted this game and I had megalodon

  22. On my tablet I got 76k [thousand] money 27 gems 1 pearl and 30M [Million] points in a normal match with Mr snappy

  23. I made 16000 4x your score in the same place with a normal megladon with my eyes closed you suck

  24. You didn't past my score in the game my score was 80,653,567

  25. Bro I believe it is the best to grind in the Pacific oceans and I knew this info before this video and I got !! sharks in eight days so I want you to do is to have a shark over the size of XS for these spots which have gold jars and you can get alot of gold from here so here is my list
    (1)Near sunken aircraft carrier there is a beach where you can go through a tunnel which leads to gold – XXL shark
    (2)Go through the pipes in the swimming pool(If sharks to big jump in from the sides)to get some gold – any shark
    (3)Near gallion wreckage go at the back and swim down until you see a little spot with gold-Any shark
    (4)Either go in the gallion wreckage or go to the front near where you have to break some bone barrier and
    break it then go down deep until you find a stone barrier and break it – XL shark
    (5)Go to the volcano and break a the yellow stones and go to top(If mines keep on killing you, go to left and go to the top)for gold – M shark
    (6)Go to the left side of the map and get gold(if mines block you ways go ahead and use your boost and get over the island and get the gold) – Any shark
    (7)Go to the same location as the sixth and hug the wall on the left until you find a bone barrier and break it and go through and turn left to a grave with gold – S shark
    (8)Go to the sunken aircraft carrier and go down while hugging the left side wall(swim past the hole)and there is a steel barrier break it for gold – L shark
    Hope this helped guys these are the spots I know and new players use this trick to get the most coins,Thanks,good game and Bye!

  26. Bro pin my comment so new players to help new players

  27. Man times have changed in thw past 6 years methods changed alot because i can rake in 100k on a boosted run i and if i play long enough i get 200k a run boosted i do this in south china sea

  28. Bro i made 200000+ gold And 145 mil points in one match with megalodon

  29. Could you give me a tip on how to get a lot of coin cuz my strongest is porgeable

  30. I’m trying to save up coins for buzz 2023

  31. Once I was using a bull
    shark in pacific island and got 60k gold in one swim 😂😂

  32. I can finally get Megalodon ty also you forgot To let everyone use a skill power Which is give me a lot of coins

  33. Around four years ago, I grind did a lot of my need to get the megalodon as the frenzy and I had to kill the atomic shark a lot of times and eat to get the megalodon. Was it worth it yes

  34. I once got almost 25k in one megarush and 2500 coins in a gold rush

  35. Recently this is just kinda old lol, I get plenty of 50k gold runs with medium sharks from just also knowing where to go in a mega gold rush, still a good video tho

  36. I just got a tiger shark and It was awesome I almost got 60K coins and 4 gems😮 Im actually a starter since my old account got deleted and My shark cant even eat little mines when in gold rush just in mega rush so plz do tips without eating mines😢

  37. word of advice if ur doing this farm for shark progression (before !! sharks and others like XXL ans maybe XL)
    its not about the coins its about the gems for a special offer for a !! shark then once thats done the grind for a apex shark (mecha sharkjira is the best even better than shin trust me it worth the 128 quest grind + 6k pearls)

  38. I have zombie shark I can turn your
    Megalodon into zombie and now
    Your are my pet but you will explode
    In 1minute you die hahahahaha😂😂😂

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