Hungry shark world easy tips for new beginners -

Hungry shark world easy tips for new beginners

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  1. Keep it up bro. Somehow you will end up like mrbeast. I can see your potential

  2. Is killer whale worth getting with gems if on sale

  3. Editing job was shit. Can't hear anything over the music.

  4. Maybe for some reason u aren’t suppose to go to that area with a small shark?

  5. this account is no longet in use . read desc says:

    I hate being a large shark and those giant pure sharks appear near coral

  6. Damn u got 10 gems a day and saved it to get like a thicc boi thx for the tips dude.


  7. These people I watch for like unlimited gems and stuff don't end up working luckily this man gives real stuff
    Like and sub to this man

  8. I have a question if there’s a shark on sale for gems, should we buy it, or should we spend it on pets and stuff

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