Hungry Shark Evolution With GameGuardian! (COINS, GEMS) -

Hungry Shark Evolution With GameGuardian! (COINS, GEMS)

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IMPORTANT NOTE: COINS hack MAY NOT work for the first time because of the anti-cheat updating.
Try the coins hack AGAIN if it doesn’t work or restart the game and try the coins hack. thanks.

📌Game Guardian website download:

📌Hungry Shark Evolution:

Hacking with game guardian is better because if you download a mod-apk file then you won’t be able to access Google services or log in to save cloud data.

if you guys need help, comment. I will post a video if I get free, of another method to get unlimited money on hungry shark.

Peace bros 👋🏻
I love you guys!❤️


  1. Still works bro keep it up. Had to play a little bit with finding the correct values but it eventually worked. TYSM

  2. Are achievements unlocking after the hack? I'm not able to unlock achievements

  3. can you do an update for version 10.5.4. I'm having trouble with getting unlimited gems but for the coins it works

  4. hi bro. at the expense of coins and gems, and so it’s clear what can be hacked, but is it possible to hack shark week pack 2022, which costs real money. can this be done through this program? if so, how to do it?

  5. coin hack doesnt work anymore tried several times

  6. Comment if the instructions in the video were unclear. I WILL respond.

  7. The gems turn into coins when I change it to – wtf

  8. bro,Are you still playing hill cmilb Racing 2?

  9. I didn't need to ask any question because you answered everyone's question tht i wanted to ask, rarely i''ve seen such an attentive youtuber, thank you!

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