Hungry Shark Evolution hack (iFunBox) (DOESNT WORK ANY MORE) -

Hungry Shark Evolution hack (iFunBox) (DOESNT WORK ANY MORE)

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  1. when i open the game, it says "Load Backup Error" ???

  2. hey, do this have all top secret shark?

  3. i hope this will work, i was downloading the game

  4. doesn't work… It says "LOAD game Error, The save game file is either corrupt or has been transferred from another device. Transferring save game files between devies is not supported. How can i fix this? Help me?

  5. hey when you get the shark robot updates the video please!!!

  6. this is not working hes say the load error

  7. enjoy is wrong spelled U MUST READ (new meme 'U MUST')

  8. try this

    1.Delete the documents folder then put the files

  9. everyone ho own docent work delete i say delete the HSE_SaveData_Backup_ios7.bin

  10. Doesn't Work,Backed Up My Files,Did Everything Possible Its A FAKE HACK BITCH!

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