Hungry Shark Evolution ALL SHARKS gameplay -

Hungry Shark Evolution ALL SHARKS gameplay

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Hungry Shark Evolution all sharks gameplay including all 16 sharks. And the Luminite Narralliclyus is new shark in the newest update of Hungry Shark Evolution game.

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  1. I have all the sharks in Hungry shark evolution and Hungry shark world
    Im not playing the hungry shark evolution anymore because it only has 1 world and its boring i love hungry shark world because it has 4 maps
    Maybe if they update it i will play it again😊

  2. I have question for you who shark can walk? Comment me

  3. I remember when megalodon was the newest shark, and the teasers for it were super hype. now, we have literally godzilla and the kraken as sharks…

  4. My favorite shark is sharkzilla with the new evolution 🤩🤩

  5. man seeing the great white is so nostalgic and now i have money and just do the 85% off deals that come out every other day 😂

  6. My favourite shark is magmarjira and megaladon

  7. My favourite is either Kraken, Luminite or Abysshark

  8. I have sharkjira, and I got him in 4 days. I was grinding.

  9. My favorite shark is magmajira & luminitr

  10. Tienes bastantes de los tiburones para que quieres jugar tanto

  11. sharkjira and kraken is what i like to unlock

  12. I have all sharks and their evos im waiting for a new shark
    So I'm grinding on my tablet

  13. Ugh 😣 if I had all sharks too I would do the same video but I am not going to record yours If you watch it the sharks I'm using will do different things and I will use more sharks but it's going to take a while because I only have 3 they are reef shark and mako shark and hammerhead shark

  14. my favorite is megalodon, sharkjira abysshark and kraken

  15. new evolved sharks: I don't think so

  16. My favourite sharks are Great White Shark 🦈 and Megalodon

  17. Sharkjira is best beacause he can walk on land,can shoot atomic breath and he can even eat enemy luminite without gold rush or using his atomic breath

  18. How do you have so many coins? I get jealous every time I see someone with so many coins while I can barely pass 30,000 lol. Is there a trick or a trustworthy cheat you use?

  19. btw darkhammer is better to grind gold then mr snappy and other much sharks

  20. i grind gold with darkhammer instead of mr snappy

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