Hungry Shark Editions #hungryshark #shorts #hungrysharkworld -

Hungry Shark Editions #hungryshark #shorts #hungrysharkworld

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#hungryshark #hungrysharkworld #shorts


  1. I think it's not cap I think I could see this on Google

  2. I wish i can still download those games

  3. Look the creator name is not ubisoft…

  4. Hungry Shark Primal is officially
    those games at this game is not Ubisoft Creator

  5. Mi compa Cómo se puede conseguir ese juego

  6. Yo if this was real I would be first to get

  7. Ah yes space edition was foinf rp be a real edifion but it got scrapped and replaced by hungry shark primal which is coming out soon

  8. So basically in hungry shark world is a new update and it's the cyberpunk update

  9. Se ven geniales,pero creo que con 2 hungry shrark,son suficientes,sería mejor si agregaran tiburones y más mapas …

  10. even though its fake the musics are fire can you make full versions of all 3 please

  11. I wish those were real.
    but he has been released a fake video of a fake game name hungry shark primal
    but the game is really released from ubisoft.
    and in this video the game is made by
    Endless Shark Survival it's not made
    by ubisoft so it's a cap but i'm 50%
    sure that it's really going to release by
    But hungry shark has 3 edition’s that has been not released yet
    Name :
    1. Hungry shark space
    2. Hungry shark cyberpunk
    3. Hungry shark mythos
    And i want hungry shark zombie apocalypse edition and also i want hungry dinosaur.

  12. When is it coming? And where should I install it, is it in the Play Store?

  13. I wish they can make a hungry whale game 😭

  14. А куда пропал Кракен?

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