How to unlock sharks quickly in Hungry Shark World -

How to unlock sharks quickly in Hungry Shark World

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  1. Me literally cheating and Download a mod in happy mod

  2. I don’t use power ups when I get all the sharks

  3. Dude why getting megalodon is so hard like i already eat many humans and fish with my great white and after i died,i only get 84% to 85%

  4. I got this shark on sale and it's really good😊

  5. You know you can download it on AC market for free and infite gems and money

  6. I dont need to do this cause I am a pro I nearly have every single shark

  7. Bruh doesn't even teach us how to get it

  8. Lmao I got the meltdown shark in just one month and I already know how to navigate all the maps without the map and also my high score is 599.682.110 so close to my mission to get over 600.000.000

  9. Bro Said the point of the game💀

  10. I got the same shark but only took me 4 days to nearly beat the game due to following by thia tip too. Imma go breathe some air and tuch grass

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