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I show how how to Get Unlimited Coins and diamonds in Hungry Shark Evolution for ios and android. this is the only working hungry shark evolution mod in 2023 and has the best glitch on here for gems and to unlock all sharks. thanks for watching I hope you enjoy it, please like , comment and subscribe!


  1. Very good project. Thank you so much for uploading this helpful and informative vedio.

  2. Very good project. Thank you so much for uploading this helpful and informative vedio.

  3. This was the information that I was looking for friend, thanks for this video it helped me a lot, I recommend it

  4. Your videos are amazing and very informative. I like these tricks. Thank you for sharing. Keep it up

  5. thank you bro for this hungry shark evo money glitch this is solid!!

  6. holy cow i got unlimited hungry shark evolution codes for free using your method. you are actually a G. please upload more

  7. I guess you don't really need a duplication glitch to get free diamonds in hungry shark evo. btw guys just follow exactly what the vid said i was having Trouble doing the setup wizard thing but whatever it was worth it cheers

  8. this is dope you can't get banned for this btw there's no way

  9. took me a bit longer than expected but it came through in the end, liked 🙂

  10. i will unlock everything in hungry shark evo using your money hack. please upload more like this man

  11. only working hungry shark evo money glitch that i tried after going thru liek 30 videos man. thanks so much for not being greedy!!

  12. All the people who disliked it are hungry shark evo employees!!! hahahahah

  13. I added like thousands of free coins to my hungry shark evo account thankssssss

  14. thanks for this hungry shark evo cheat man, i actually used the coins mod!!

  15. breh how long will this last for? and you said i can get the hungry shark evo hack on any version of ios or android right?

  16. LEGIT asf!!! vouch from New York, USA !

  17. I got it working on my iphone 14, no glitches or bugs at all. I successfully added like thousands of diamonds for free to my account.

  18. thank you man the download worked right away

  19. Legit got the diamonds if you live in germany i can vouch its legit!

  20. THANKS man I went thru so many vids this is the only one that actually delivered omg

  21. can this cheat for hungry shark evolution money ever get patched?

  22. I though I just needed too download it and I can play I still need to download the other three apps to play it?

  23. In the end when i click install in hungry shark evolution says having trouble watch this tutorial video how to hack hungry evolution it didnt work i dont know why

  24. Bro its asking me to do offers, but everytime i do the offers ot doesnt work bruh

  25. These comments are botted 💀💀💀💀

  26. Before you do that search if it’s safe or not

  27. The number of bots in the comments is insane

  28. bro, im on a mobile device, and all it said was "come back on a mobile device"

  29. the fact dat he didnt show us that it worked thas how you know its fake 😂

  30. All these comments bullshitting, it didn’t work

  31. This is a complete scam I disliked it to his channel

  32. This channel is not deserve to be on YouTube

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