Eat SHARKS to GROW | Hungry Shark Evolution -

Eat SHARKS to GROW | Hungry Shark Evolution

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Eat SHARKS to GROW | Hungry Shark Evolution w/ BeckBroJack


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  1. If u go on land and use ur ability u can summon a meteor shower

  2. Ok Bruce go next to a big fish and use the special ability

  3. Quite the mega one no that's not like the Mega I like the mega shark I like the final Star that's what they like I like animals Park final final🦈

  4. My 5 year old son absolutely loves you and wanted me to make a comment to you telling you his behemoth Shark has a collar.

  5. maybe the super blast ability is for defence

  6. There’s another shark evolution eating game

  7. I allredy have the sword shark a long time ago

  8. also jack all of us will have a good christmas wich is soon

  9. please give me 100,000 money as you don't I will eat your cookies for 10 days

  10. Bruce is not gonna eat my cookie he will my hole house

  11. Every shark above Megalodon can go on land.

  12. the problem is i dont have any Cooke in my house so let bruse come to me

  13. You have to spam click it or you have to charge it

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