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Fintastic Update From Hungry Shark Evolution. 3 New Cool Sharks.
Darkhammer, Lord Snappy, Magmajira Unlocked & Darkhammer, Lord Snappy, Magmajira Gameplay.

Hungry Shark Evolution on Android.

Chapters :
00:00 Opening
00:20 Unlocked All New Sharks
02:40 Darkhammer Gameplay
08:37 Lord Snappy Gameplay
14:22 Magmajira Gameplay

Music : In-Game Music

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  1. Starters with dark hammer be like: I AM INVINCIBLE! INVINCIBLE!!

  2. What the heck?!! The red fish have legs….😱😱

  3. I like how seals, even if you can eat literally death mines are like :
    𝗖 𝗥 𝗢 𝗡 𝗖 𝗛 𝗨 𝗥 𝗠 𝗬 𝗟 𝗨 𝗡 𝗖 𝗛

  4. Are you using a mod apk or do you just grind non-stop?

  5. I have 16k gems and 3million coins in my account

  6. they made tiger shark to shar-khan and abysshark to abyssaures and alot more into better things!

  7. My boy really tryna show off his sharks 🤦‍♂️ smh

  8. What are you thinkhing magmanıza ör abbysaurus

  9. Good going I will try this shark soon

  10. Ha i have unlimitat coins and gems so I have all shark and evolution shark

  11. Lol they must do mosasaurus to tylosaurs

  12. How did you get that all gems and coin's

  13. Loved all of them but my only problem is Lord Snappy's bite is kinda off even though it's maxed out and can't eat jetski and riding shark immediately but still strong

  14. i play hungry shark evolution i buy hammerhead but how i evolved this shark please tell me pls

  15. why do we have to wait from 2012 to 2021 just to make the hungry shark "EVOLUTION" to make sense

  16. Dark hammer can eat almost every bomb now

  17. How did you get all the sharks to the maximum level?

  18. From where are you getting so many diamond s after downloading, as there are only five diamond s, when I downloaded the app.

  19. What happened to the art style.. now it looks really cheap

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