Crazy coin/gem glitch Hungry Shark Evolution !! -

Crazy coin/gem glitch Hungry Shark Evolution !!

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  1. Their was a glitch you click how many gems you want close the app open it again and then you have the gems

  2. 13
    Hours per day on your phone is crazy, spending more rhan half the day on your phone 💀

  3. Can you do it again but then at the new update settings in not understanding

  4. Good idea 💡 I am trying to get the app thanks

  5. bro it gave me like 30 big ass bombs and 50 sharks to attack me after i did the glitch🧍🏽‍♂

  6. Lol I found this out on my own before watching this and I wanted to see if someone found it out

  7. Thanks very much bro I thought it was another trick and just decided to try anyway just for me to realize it was real I'm so impressed. Thank you 🙏💕

  8. This helped me so much THANK YOUUU

  9. Legends never die. So this mans immortal. 😅😅

  10. I know this glitch already

  11. Omg it's 2023 and still working!! I don't even think the devs are trying to fix stuff but if they are then they're really generous 😂

  12. This Daily Rewards Hacks Never Die They Go Around Never die

  13. I Should never do this glitch again i think i have to follow the terms of icloud you made me scared i almost get banned

  14. thanks i can finally get sharkjira

  15. Me wondering what he’s doing when you can literally just but the most jewels and exit and enter before the message pops up💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀❤️

  16. yea lmao i got that glitch on accident, understood how it worked and started to glitch alot of money

  17. Sad about how much he just screamed for subscribes my whole family just heard that😂

  18. It works thanks now I have sharkjira

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