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10 Easter Eggs In Hungry Shark World

Royal Ace
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  1. Royal ace is the impostor I saw him vent

  2. bro, how do you release the map of the phases?

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  4. I have a thoerie I think Alan is frozen in time then he joined hungry shark or hungry shark evolution happened a long time ago then he froze

  5. This game is so crazy anyone see the titanic

  6. The dude you say is ded who is he

  7. I gotten to shanty town, didnt see the map lol

  8. Rip alan walker the destroyer of worlds R.I.P

  9. Okay, so, about the thumbnail. I have a different idea. It’s possible that this is a prequel to evolution and someone or something found Alan in need of help, helped him out, and that’s why he’s in hungry shark evolution. It’s also possible that I’m over thinking this. Please, nobody get angry at me for having an opinion and theory.

  10. 1:19 in the previous game "Hungry Shark Evolution" there is a fish that looks like the one in the grave so the player (Shark) must have eaten him

  11. I lost my phone forever and I almost had all the sharks in the game all I needed were the pearl sharks

  12. If you play hungry shark evolution and evolve Alan that is Alan,s successor

  13. What about that huge ass robot from the China sea?


  15. ive eaten kempy in hungry shark evolution and ive seen alans body and ive been bye the vent the titanic and slumpy i went inside the titanic and there was a great white shark and blobfish and anglerfish

  16. also seen supermans home and hungry shark world helicoptor that showed a sun wearing glasses wich is tha same logo from the people who made the toxic waste the mutated the sharks like the ancient megladon thast was made from megladon

  17. ive been to the sunken temple and saw alot of jelly fish and blob fish

  18. Download happy mod in google,than you download any game you want with cheat

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